Applying to an independent school, college, or graduate school can be stressful. Writing your personal statement and supplemental essays can be downright daunting. But what if this writing process didn’t have to feel like such a burden? What if it could be fun, a discovery, an adventure even? It can, and we can show you how.

At Adventure Essays, our mission is to help you find and share a significant personal story that reveals how you think, all you feel, what you have learned, and who you want to become.

Through the use of archetypes, we help you
-reflect on who you are,
-determine the single message you want to deliver,
-choose the best story to tell,
-structure the story effectively,
-heighten humor, suspense, and feeling,
-speak in your authentic voice,
-convey character, and
-reveal the unique value you will bring to your future school.

All students brainstorm, write and rewrite until story, message, and emotion merge into a powerful, moving reading experience. Why is this important? Because in an application filled with scores, stats, and cold hard facts, the essay offers your one and only opportunity to speak directly to the admissions committee, to humanize yourself, to open up and share yourself, to bring your application to life, and to create a narrative that unifies your entire application.

Because schools are looking for bright, hardworking, diverse, and passionate learners, your essay must show your intellectual curiosity and engagement. It might also illustrate your dedication to your community, your impulse toward inclusivity, your broad-minded and open-ended thinking, or your ability to build bridges. It should definitely reveal how you will contribute to your new school community.

We believe that most young people today have the capacity for—but lack experience with—the kind of thoughtful reflection and articulated insight required by these essays. Having a coach guide the student along the path can turn an exercise in frustration into a demanding but rewarding journey to self-discovery and self-expression.

So join us on a trip you will never forget. Adventure Essays. Bon voyage!

Adventure Essays has successfully coached students to acceptances at
Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Penn, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC,
Vanderbilt, UVA, Wesleyan, Vassar, NYU, Tulane,
Kenyon, Michigan, BU, Georgetown, and 100 more.